We like to meet each client personally and show you our work.   With a portfolio of over 600 commercials, we could entertain you all day.   But we've found it's not effective to show you examples of commercials that don't apply to your business.  We will customize our presentation and show you examples specific to your business.

Email us at or call 914-588-8578 and tell us about your business.  First, we listen...  Then we'll come to your business and meet with you to present samples of specific examples of commercials applicable to your business.

We've produced hundreds of high-quality broadcast television commercials for clients in small, medium, and large markets--both locally and national.   Our portfolio contains over 600 examples of commercials we've produced for car dealerships, retail and specialty stores, restaurants, medical & dental practices, transportation companies, educational institutions, health care agencies, entertainment venues, and many other businesses. 

We prefer to meet with prospective clients in person and show you specific examples applicable to your business.    But if you want to see some  examples before we meet call or email and we'll send you a customized set of links  to commercials applicable to your business.  

You can also explore our extensive portfolio of commercials on our YouTube Channel by clicking here:



Television & Video Production